The importance of ordering in advance

In the grand scheme of life you might find yourself working as a buyer within the food industry. Most often than not we at Pronto Foods witness a number of calls each morning with many customers requesting “early deliveries”.

Whilst it is human error and under ordering could be highly likely or perhaps the restaurant may have had a busy night… its always better to plan ahead and stock up.

We know you have the stock sheet and that  you stick to the weekly ordering regime but here’s what we suggest:

-Always place your orders at least 2 days in advance

This gives the supplier ample time to source goods that may be scarce on the market, process your order without errors and/or notify you of any shortages or delays which you can find solutions to due to extra time

-Order at least one extra

-Administration of stock

its always best to have regular stock counts and paperwork of your orders placed. You may end up with enough information to notice the buying pattern for your company.

Let us be your one stop shop. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your buying requirements.

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